Stories of Magic Life

Stories of Magic Life (SOML) began as a research project to study the benefits derived from using Magic Life Products. As we began to interview the subjects, not only did we learn more about our products but we also got a glimpse of subjects’ daily lives. Somewhere along the way, the research became a collection of stories of humans thriving in the face of adversity. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Also, SOML is dedicated to sharing research and articles into the medical use of Cannabidiol (CBD). We felt that the re-introduction of CBD and its medical benefits warrant special attention.

The Little Grandma That Could [CBD for Hip Pain]

The Little Grandma That Could [CBD for Hip Pain]

At the age of 70, I find myself a widow, learning to live my life without my husband who passed away recently from cancer. His diagnosis was a shock to all of us and brought about a sense of anxiety of the unknown as well as fear and sadness. I took care of him until…

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